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About LandAjob 

LandAjob Receives Citation from State Senator
LandAjob Press Release - December 16, 2014


LandAjob is a division of National Telecommuting Institute, (NTI)  a non-profit organization that ranked third in the country for Ticket Payments received from the Social Security Administration. NTI was established in Boston in 1995 with an original focus on helping disabled individuals find home-based jobs.

LandAjob is a new division of NTI targeting:

  1. Those receiving SSI or SSDI disability benefits who are seeking traditional onsite jobs that will pay at least $1,180 per month
  2. Those that could use up to over $12,000 to help them purchase what they need to remain in the workforce once they have started work.

LandAjob offers:

  1. Information on over 500,000 job openings across the country through our partnership with the Direct Employers Association. You will be able to search by occupation, location, and requirements. You will be able to target federal contractors if you so desire and you will be able to apply on-line for most positions. We make this searchable database available to beneficiaries whether they assign their Ticket to LandAjob or notClick here to register and begin searching .

  2. Work Support Payments that total up to over $12,000. These payments are distributed over 3 years if you are on SSDI and over 5 years if you are receiving SSI. These payments do not start until you are actually working. They must be spent on goods or services that will help you remain in the workforce or advance in your career.   You must assign your Ticket to LandAjob to receive these payments.  Click here for more details.

About NTI:

National Telecommuting Institute, Inc. (NTI) offers high-quality, cost-effective virtual staffing services. Founded in 1995 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, NTI pursues its mission to identify and develop work-at-home jobs for home-based Americans who are physically disabled.

NTI has provided trained work-at-home employees both to the largest U.S. government agencies and Fortune 500 companies, and to smaller businesses who want to outsource customer service and technical support operations in order to reduce costs.

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