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Your Résumé

Do I really need a résumé?

Not necessarily. Lots of people find work by completing employer provided applications. If the jobs you seek just require applications, then you may be able to skip the resume.

But keep in mind, even when you fill out an application, it looks good to attach a well-written one-page résumé to that application. It shows you had the skills to either write that résumé yourself, or the smarts to get someone to help you produce it. It makes you look professional and a cut above applicants without one.

What if I don't have the skills to write and/or type a good résumé?

You should do three things.

  1. Study examples of good résumés
  2. Handwrite or type a rough draft that contains the critical information needed for your résumé. Click here for tips on preparing this draft.
  3. Find a bright, business-savvy person who will spend an hour with you editing your résumé and printing out a professional-looking copy.

(Note: Once you have a professional résumé, make lots of copies and keep one in a safe place for future updating)


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